BLOG: This thing called fear...

Fear is considered a natural response to danger. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work, but anxiety….persistent anxiety is something different altogether.

For me, it’s usually brought on by a sense of not being in control..which is funny because as a human being, I control very little in the grand scheme of things. 


Music Korner

Music Korner: BuriedNKulture Feature!

I’ve been featured in the Music Korner on the BuriedNKulture website! BuriedNKulture is an Atlanta-based lifestyle fashion brand all about being true to yourself no matter what. Check it out & support this awesome brand! …


Black History ▲ Audio Tribute ▲

I created this compilation to pay personal homage to every maker of Black History, known or unknown to the masses. It is because of them that we can live with the level of freedom and hope that I do today.

Audio Samples in the order in which they appear: