BLOG: The Secret Woman In My Life

She and I are becoming best friends and it’s the greatest thing ever. Her name is…

Intuition. I would say she and I made a formal introduction in my late 20′s. Before then, I would only see her around the way. That little unction, that little voice that speaks from within every so often.

But then came adulthood. Dating. Making large financial purchases. Deciding on a career. Feeling out friendships. And she became critical to my thriving and not getting played in these streets.

Sniffing out fake spirits (read: people) who don’t have my best intentions at heart. Navigating the ins and outs of this life. She made the introduction. Inviting herself into my life gently and over time. I didn’t even realize her worth until I had ignored her one too many times.

She would speak up and I would just go about my way. She would try to tell me “Ooh girl, this ain’t it” long before I was able to see the end result, but when the end result came, I quickly found out IT WASN’T IT.


Learning to trust her has been a journey. Sometimes I think she’s just being paranoid or fearful of the unknown. Sometimes I think she’s too judgmental of people before she even really gets to know them, but somehow this heifer is ALWAYS ON POINT.

Even with little things. For instance, I was going to purchase something online and I only wanted to pay a certain amount for it. As I was putting it in my cart, she said “Hold off on that girl. You’re going to get a coupon in your email for it soon.” At the time, it didn’t make sense because I was already using a coupon, but I decided to use the situation as a test.

Sure enough, a few days later, I got a different coupon for an even better price. SHE CAME THROUGH ONCE AGAIN! Thank you girl!


I’m starting to honor her more. Any time I feel the slightest hint of reservation and discomfort in a situation, I listen now. We have a mutual friend named Boundaries. And together, Intuition and Boundaries make the perfect pair. They are the homegirls that have your back no matter what and tell you like it is.

One acknowledges my limitations and the other supports those limitations by telling me when something is brushing up against them. It literally saves me energy, time, and money.

It’s like having my own set of internal Girlfriends without all of the flakiness and drama lol.


I am so glad to have her in my life. She is a real one and I will continue to nurture our relationship like my life depends on it…because it does.

- Ms. Melody Monroe +*<3

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