BLOG: What I’m Doing To Get Through COVID-19


These are unprecedented times. Everything is different and it feels like the whole world is paused. Here’s what I’m doing to get through it all.


1. Keeping my butt home

I didn’t need to be told more than once to do this. This is by far the safest and most preventative measure to make sure I don’t get sick so it’s not a hard decision. Before my local government began to put restrictions on public gatherings, I chose not to attend certain events that could jeopardize my health.

 A big part of this is trying to make my home environment as comfortable and enjoyable as possible which leads me to my next point…


2. Protecting my energy

Spending so much time alone can have affects on a person’s mental health. In addition to the uncertainty of this situation and the constant conversation around it. I am now being very intentional about how much I discuss the pandemic and am limiting how much news I watch about it because watching the news in general usually raises my anxiety. This has been a huge help.

I’m finding healthy distractions like catching up on Netflix shows, doing adult coloring books, and learning new skills through internet courses.


3. Getting outside

I have to give a huge shout out to my dog who has been clutch through this entire thing. Not only is she a companion, but she forces me to have to go outside and take advantage of the beautiful weather this season is bringing.

We take walks around our neighborhood, but the pandemic has also caused me to look for new, more spacious outdoor spaces and I have discovered new places to go hiking which is kind of an adventure in and of itself.


4. Maintaining my normal routine as much as possible

I am very fortunate to have been working remotely for the past 7 years so my lifestyle really hasn’t had to change much at all. But keeping my daily routine has helped to maintain my sense of normalcy which is super helpful in times of uncertainty. 

Even though I can’t go to certain places or hang out with friends and I have to wear protective gear whenever I’m in public, I still try to maintain my basic daily routine. I’m still working (thankfully), still taking care of my dog, exercising, and leaving time for self-care.

5. Strengthening my relationships

This whole situation has made me realize how isolated my regular lifestyle really is lol. But I’m taking the opportunity to check in on friends and be more intentional about connecting with loved ones. 

Checking in is a simple way to say “Hey, I care about how you’re doing”, but it’s also a great way to talk to people I haven’t spoken to in a while and get the conversation going.

Most people have more time on their hands now which is usually the reason why a lot of relationships grow cold - lack of time, life responsibilities, and distractions. I’m finding this is a good time to reconnect with people and have those overdue catch ups.


6. Finding the silver lining

Although a lot sucks right now, not everything sucks and there are some benefits to this whole thing. I’m choosing to cook my own food during this time which has helped me to save money.

I’ve chosen to quarantine with my family since they are now working from home which is allowing me to spend time with them that I otherwise would not have.

I’m free from normal distractions which is allowing me to really focus on certain goals that can be achieved during this time.

I’m getting some much needed “me time” which is giving me the opportunity for introspection, reflection, reevaluation, and change.

People are coming together during this time to support each other. We are seeing innovation from nearly every industry and community and there are multiple ways to get involved.

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This is no doubt a historical moment that will have lasting effects, but as long as we all keep taking it a day a time (and follow the rules), I think we will be alright.

What are you doing to get through this?

Ms. Melody Monroe

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