BLOG: My Top 5 Social Media Pet Peeves!



Love it or hate it, we've all had to embrace it. But here's what REALLY gets on my nerves lol...

Since social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and more have hit the scene, the way we relate to each other has completely changed. I remember anticipating getting my college email address so that I could use it to create an account on Facebook. That was years ago and now that I've become fully accustomed to this social media thing, here's my official Top 5 pet peeves:


We've ALL seen it lol. In the world of Influencer marketing, it's pretty much unavoidable. A downside to social media is that it's very easy for authenticity to be lost and nothing screams "Fake" to me more than this! If you look good and you just want to revel in that, by all means DO IT! But don't bring Maya Angelou quotes into it lol.




I feel like Freedom of speech was taken to a whole new level when social media was invented. People really just say WHATEVER is on their mind and sometimes, it's truly best to just stay quiet. ESPECIALLY when what you're saying isn't helpful at all. If I ask for suggestions on good places to eat in Dallas, TX, please don't reply with a comment about how Dallas doesn't compare to Houston. If I say the sky is really blue today, is it really necessary to talk about why technically blue is a relative color and it could also be purple? As this good sis puts it...

— La Bella Mafia ✨ (@blvnnt__) June 1, 2020


Let me preface what I'm about to say with noting that I am a very private person to a fault. I've had people actually feel some type of way because I haven't shared certain aspects of my life with them. With that said, if you're going to dedicate a whole post to some sort of announcement, ANNOUNCE THE WHOLE THING. 

I cannot STAND it when people half-post something, especially if it's health related lol. People will do a whole paragraph about how they were in the hospital for a month and half, doctors ran several tests to no avail, and then after flying across the country and getting a second opinion, they finally got diagnosed correctly and are healing, BUT NEVER POST WHAT THE DIAGNOSIS WAS. I caaaaan't lol. 

I've also seen where people will post about something that helped them, but don't list the company, product, no link or nothing chile. If folks have to follow up, you didn't understand the assignment lol. Announce it right! lol




It's no secret that Cancel Culture has taken Twitter by storm. Mess up too much and your whole career could be gone hunny. But what really bothers me are people who use social media to say mean and hurtful things about people (usually celebrities) like they aren't people too. I understand that everybody ain't gone like everybody and everything, but people get REAL bold behind a qwerty keyboard. 

The fact that there usually aren't any immediate consequences to saying horrible things online is what I think emboldens people. I don't like violence or bullying and there is so much verbal abuse on the internet. The good thing is, some celebrities have learned to take it all in stride! (But still...)


This actually has nothing to do with people and EVERYTHING to do with the platforms themselves. WHY ARE THEY ALWAYS FIXING WHAT AIN'T BROKE? I don't need a new profile design. What I need is the ability to filter my saved tweets and posts. I need to be able to put Reels back on my profile grid once I take them off. 

And don't even get me started on these ever-changing, money-grabbing ALGORITHMS. Just when you think you've got a handle on something, here they go changing it up. It feels like a situationship lol. UGH! lol



Overall, I think social media can be a great way to stay connected to others. Especially in times like the past year and a half when we've all been stuck in the house. Those interactions can help us to feel less alone. As with anything neutral, it can be used for good or bad, but whew those 5 right there?!?! PLEASE! lol 

Comment below! What are YOUR pet peeves? 

Until next time, 
Ms. Melody Monroe +*<3